Were You Looking For Black Love?

Ebony Love and Marriage™, where Black Love, Black Marriage, Black men and Black women in relationships and Black families are featured and celebrated If you are like me, you have grown up with healthy examples of  loving, committed and long-lasting marriages among “African-American” couples.  While many of us  have witnessed them in our earlier years, they  seem more elusive today….not nonexistent,  just a bit harder to find due to our dependence on mainstream media to show us “reality”. After all, in the average magazine or television show or movie, the re-occurring “happy couple” is non- Black, and  we are increasingly bombarded with images of “interracial” couples.  This type of psychological /visual programming can easily make one believe that Black folk don’t love each other anymore – Especially if you spend an unhealthy amount of time surfing the internet and on websites like YouTube. Those environments can be especially damaging to the thinking of  men and women who don’t see an abundance of happy, married couples in their surrounding communities or families. I was motivated to begin spotlighting our love- Black Love, after viewing a video on YouTube by an “interracial” couple, where they responded to some users in the Black community who wanted to know why Black Love was not promoted..only “interracial” relationships?  The couple created a video just to show them where the small number of YouTube channels featuring videos on Black love existed.  Seeing the small numbers of videos dedicated to our love and realizing that not a single YouTube channel was dedicated to Black Love and the celebration of our happy marriages or relationships, I saw a need and was determined to fill it. Official and only Youtube channel for Ebony Love and Marriage™ , founded in November, 2009. Where Black men love Black women and Black women love Black men and make Black families. I have encountered a few negative people along the way, but all in all, it has been a passionate and rewarding endeavor.  I have found that so many people were starving for positive images of Black Love.  This is because in the constant field of imagery that is introduced into our day to day lives, we always see Black couples in conflict, divided and ultimately disrespecting each other.  More and more, mainstream media markets our love as too difficult, toxic or non-existent, and it is SIMPLY NOT TRUE! So if you, like so many, were wondering, “Where is Black Love?” make yourself comfortable, grab a pillow, cross your legs and grab a mug of hot cocoa or coffee.  Here at EbonyLoveAndMarriage, Black love is encouraged, supported, celebrated. We luxuriate in it !  There are many married Black couples who have long-lasting and happy marriages and an increasing number of  young  Black men and women falling in love and marrying each other. My calling  is to show you that Black love  DOES exist and to minister to all who need the support and encouragement to maintain it. I invite you to visit my YouTube channel as well. Thank you for stopping by. Love, Ebony.